Camping on Mount Cobbler

Last weekend we went camping on Mount Cobbler.
This trip was one of my favorite ones because the view was amazing...

Mount Cobbler is 1,628 metres high and one of biggest mountains in Victoria. We had to carry so very much because we wanted to camp on top of the mountain and this is really amazing. The hike took 2 hours with some breaks, so the hike was about 2 and half hours maybe more...!
 The white trees are dead trees of bush fires
 but the trees don´t die because
the roots of the tree is still alive under the earth and after some years is there a new tree so the dead tree you see on the picture can be 100 years old or something.

The next big problem is that in these mountains there are poisonous snakes and spiders, so you have to look at the track and wear your shoes are because sometimes a stick looks like a snake so watch out...!
There is an Alpine Copperhead in this Picture, maybe you can see a little bit of the snake. The snake was hiding from us so you can´t see this snake really.
This snake is toxic, but shy and not so aggresive but her bite can probably kill you.
We didn´t see a really toxic spiders but we saw Funnel Web Spider holes, don´t put your finger in the hole!!!!!! ;)

We saw another animal. It was a kind of lizard but so different.
 It is called the Mountain Dragon and they can reach a length of 20 cm. It lives here in Victoria on Mount Cobblers and also in Tasmania and the Alps.
When they are afraid of something then they can get really big (blow up) and sometimes snakes are afraid of them. This was a little one and there are bigger ones and they can be much bigger.
I think 2 times bigger than they are.

So that was the things we had to watch out but no one of us get bitten of a snake!
We saw 2 more snakes there...we saw a tiger snake and a red belly black snake.
The red belly black snake is toxic as well, but they are shy and very beautiful. The Tiger snake is very aggressive and toxic.

These are some snakes we saw but not on the track up to Mount Cobbler.
We went on this Mountain on Saturday and camped up there until Sunday. We had to carry two tents, a little cooker and more - you know what you need for camping.
On Saturday we went up to the top of the mountain and just camp there, but it was a perfect place.

This was our camp site.
You can´t see it on the Picture, but on this side to photo was taken there is not so much place left because then the big cliffs begin.

Here you can see our the "kitchen".
We had dinner with dessert and breakfast.
For lunch we had some snacks.

This is when we went up to this mountain it was evening.
The hike was from midday until the evening, so we had dinner and some Dessert, but after that we went on the very very top and had the best view ever with lots of beautiful memories...

You can see the freeway from Melbourne from this mountain,
but not Melbourne itself.

                                                                          That was the moon.

And on every camp you have a campfire so here you are...

At this weekend I said goodbye to this view for ever (maybe not but who knows?)
We did that all on one day on Sunday we had the last view of this beautiful mountain.

Only 4 weeks and a few days until we go back to Germany...!!!


I hope I can enjoy the last weeks as much as I can...and you can understand me!!!

Many greetings from Australia


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  1. Great descriptions and amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing Yannick.