My last big trip - and some last words...

Hi Guys,

I want to tell you something about my last big trip last week on the long weekend.
Our Plan was to go to the desert that I can see red kangaroos and emus.

But first of all we had a stop at Echuka!

Echuka is one of the biggst worths in Victoria.

 After that we kept on going and stopped at a camping site for one night and we had a BBQ there.

The next day we got to many cities... they looked like ghost cities because so many shops were closed and you coudn´t see people in this city. We had lunch in a bakery.

We went to Hattah lakes and saw many birds and footprints from diffrent animals in the sand.

After this we finally got to the spot where we planned to camp. It was the Murray Sunset National Park with beautiful lakes....

These lakes are not really lakes because there is salt on top of it, under the salt you can find mud and water. The salt is very thick and you can walk on this lake but at a few places there are holes where you can break throu. It was amazing to see that...

We had a little walk after we got there.

There were a few problems...like bees. They came so quikly.
The other problem was the flies, there were so many flies there and they were follwing you the whole time.

so annoying....

 They wanted water and that was the reason, why they came.

This was very cool... We were there for two days and we did a big walk around the salt lakes and we saw kangaroos...


That was cool, they were just there in the paddock.

 This is one of the salt lakes, our lake was called Crosbie, that's where we camped.

 They farmed salt there. There is so much salt and the salt of the lakes is 8-times saltier then the sea!!

You can see the white hings on the hills. This is salt, everything you can see is salt and this is a place where they farmed salt.

 Here are some pictures from our walk and the lake Crosbie.

 and some pictures of our way! This blog is not for information it is for pictures and videos that you can image what we did....!

There is a video on Youtube from our trip back in a few minutes!!!


Copy that in your browser and watch this movie just mark it and rightclick on that and open the link.
I think it is very cool when you like this video because it is very helpful and it wasn´t easy to do this.

 Lucky shot with the bat!!!!

 The pictures of the salt lake at night looks like to moon.

Lake Mungo

 They touched my hand!!!!!!!!!

This hills are built by sand and things from the lake and you can find bones today!!!!

Thousands of years old.

 Mother and baby :)

Red Kangaroos
(these ones are not big)

 OHHHHH spiky watch out!!!!

 Campsite Lake Mungo

 Many birds ;)

Big sand dunes!!!!

 That was so funny to jump down the bid sand dune!!!

 and rolling...

 more emus

Some settlers lived here near lake Mungo and they sold whool from sheep in this place!!!

The pictures are from the place thy lived...

That was my last big trip and I enyoied it so much and I don´t want to leave Australia and all the friends I made!!!! I'm so sad that the time here is over and it feels like one months or one week!!!

I thank you so much that you had so much fun with me and did so many things on the weekends. I liked the time here and especially with this family. I'm very thankful that all of you care so much about me! And it is really the best thing you can do at this age!!! I thank you, Kira that you are part of my life and in this exchnge, you're not in the picture, so thank you very much that you took this picture and I hope you can do this exchange in the future!

I look foraward to seeing you again, all of you in Germany and I hope this exchange never ends. It is a chest full of gold you can earn when you do this big step and learn from these people. I learned so much from them and my life changed so much.

Thank thank you, thank you very much for this time, I can't discribe how good this is and how lovely this family is....

I thank my school and hope that they keep this program goin. Just see what this progam meant to me.
I thank my parents that they could pay for this wonderful exchange.

I really thank my teachers in my school and my teachers who came with us and did so much paperwork for that!!!

Thank you very much. You've done so much for me!!!!

I will come back!


Yannick Schindler

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