My trip to Melbourne

Bianca (my host mum) and I went to  Melbourne for two nights. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia. It is the capital of Victoria and it is a multicultural city (it welcomes people and cultures from all over the world. In fact 43% of the people living in Melbourne were born outside Australia or have parents from another country). It is very famous for food, shopping, art and Formula one!
Melbourne has been the winner of the Economist's 'World's most liveable city' award for the 7th time in a row (Winner from 2010 until 2017).

We went to some really amazing restaurants. I ate somthing interesting which was Asian.  It was new for me and it was interesting and good... the only thing was that I ate chilli which I thought was a bean. Three seconds later, I spat it out of my mouth. Bianca said: "Be careful there is Chilli in this dish!" However, it was too late... She had a lot of fun with it and could not stop laughing.
Of course I did a little bit of Shopping, too :) There were many Shops, but amongst them all I found a familar one which was H&M. I went to one of Australia's largest department stores called Myer and David Jones.  There were also many boutique shops that were very expensive, a dress was $3000.
In the top left hand side you can see our beautiful hotel room with the Vera nice view. We stayed on the Southbank, which is on the other side of river opposite the CBD (Central Business District) - the city center.  It is famous for resturants and also has the Casino nearby.  There are many apartment buildings and people living in this part of the city.

On Friday we walked and walked around the city.  Time got away from us and we did not have enough time go back to the hotel and change our clothes for the musical that we were going to see.  Instead we decided to find a "make-up" shop and doll ourselves up. I think we made ourselves look like the actors that we were about to see. We made it in time for the musical. We watched a really funny one called "Pricilla - Queens of the Desert". The musical tells the story of two drag queens and a transsexual and their journey from Sydney to the Australian outback.
I thought musicals were boring, but not this one! It had bit of swearing and lots of Australian humour.

Also I saw a lot of great street art, many singers, dancers & buskers!

Melbourne at night 

Melbourne is a very busy city. Day & night people are everywhere.
We went to Crown Casino where fire comes out of towers which is amazing. It lights up the sky and is quite hot when you stand near it. Its happens in the evening and it is really big. There is a picture below!
In the morning we walked for hours to find the perfect breakfast.  We finally found a great little spot, down an alley way.  It was called Brick Lane and I had Bircher Museli for breakfast with fruit. A healthy option!

We had such a great time!

You will hear soon from me :)



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