The first weekend with our families

On our weekend, my host family took me to Phillip Island, down in the south of Victoria. On March 10th, we drove about six hours with the car and met my host mom‘s sister and mother, who own the holiday house near the beach. On the same day, we looked around in the town. Next we went swimming in the ocean. On small boards we could surf on waves near the shore. In the eveing we went to the "Penguin Parade", a place where you can watch the smallest penguin species get out of the water and back to their nests. The "Fairy Penguins" grow to about 35 cm and at Phillip Island are about 3500 of them. There were no photos of the penguins allowed, but I got some of the amazing sunset. We left the penguin parade at night and you could see so many stars! It was too bad I could not capture the beautiful night sky on any photos.

The next day, Sunday, March 11th, we visited a small high ropes place at a spot called "a mazen‘ things". It is an attraction house build around mostly illusions, with riddles, puzzles and even a small, but very steep slide. Afterwards we drove to "Cowes", a town on Phillip Island, to get some lunch and look around a bit. In the late afternoon we went swimming again, it was a little colder than the day before, but still enjoyable. For dinner we had some BBQ on the balcony.

On Monday 12th, we drove back to Bright, but on the way we spontaneously visited more of their family, from father‘s side. We also drove up to Mount Buffalo, where we visited Cavedons lookout point. In winter you can go skiing on Moint Buffalo, the difference between ski resorts in Germany and those here are, that here you‘ll first have to drive up to the mountain and start skiing there instead of parking your car at the bottom. In the evening we all arrived at home safely and unwounded.  It was a wonderful weekend and I‘m really thankful my host family organized those two days.

And I‘m also thankful that Mr Heinritzi from Bruckmühl opened up the opportunity with the Sponsorship I got.

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